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Michel Martone al TechCrunch Italy

Innovation Speech of Michel Martone, Vice Minister of Welfare and Italy’s youngest minister: “The Italian Labour force: an opportunity for the global digital sector”.

Michel Martone a SkyNews UK sulla crisi europea

Michel Martone sulla crisi in Europa, intervistato da Robert Nisbet, corrispondente europeo per Sky News.

Malati di nanismo| Italy’s Accordion Industry: Tiny and Thriving

Pubblico l’intervista che mi è stata fatta da Christopher Livesay per la National Public Radio statunitense. Si parla di fisarmoniche, sviluppo, occupazione e nanismo economico. Potete ascoltarla cliccando qui.

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The Italian welfare in front of generational selfishness


This system we live and exist in has by now become ill to a degree with a sort of generational selfishness. It’s a system in which our father’s privileges are being funded by their children’s future, over whose head is hanging above all the enormous weight of our third world’s debt.

The origins of this self-interest can be traced in our society to a very long way back and are subject to constant renewal, as was demonstrated in fact by the protocol sanctioned last year by the government and trade unions. It’s no doubt a protocol which cannot possibly be met favourably and this for a number of reasons. On top of all is the government’s alteration of the infamous age-step which was in theory supposed to pension off about 150.000 workers not in the mood to wait until 60. This is no doubt a choice reflecting the nature of this selfish, unjust and anti-historical situation. Its selfishness derives from the decision to send fathers into pension at 58 whereas in future their children will have to wait until they reach 70.

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We are all outsiders

There was a time when ideology moved the masses, now the masses are moved by swear words.

This is a disturbing sign of the times, the result of a change of mindset and morals that afflicts Italian society. A society where people, having lost all sense of “common good”, are passionate and divided on all sorts of topics, from cheap scandals to serious political matters.

In this context, the categories of Right and Left lose much of their meaning. In the songs of Giorgio Gaber ( there is a famous one called ” Destra- Sinistra”) even prosciutto and mortadella could be classified as left or right.  In the days of minister Calderoli  and of the Hon. Pecoraro Scanio the labels are barely able to give a proper account of the gerontocratic  political landscape. They are just a badge that divide the parties, no more.

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The Labyrinth of Precarity

labyrinth.jpgThey say life in the castle is a smug one. A steady job, a free and dignified existence. They also say once you’re hired in the castle you can make your way up through the years and that it’s not so easy to be fired. Just think, the best-seller among the castle’s inhabitants right now is: “Goodmorning Laziness. How to survive in a company working the least possible amount”.

They also say its merit goes to a miraculous legal device, now elevated to mythical heights: the 18th Article. A strange contraption, which strong of its solid legal tradition, has no equals in the other castles, and after the epic battles of recent years, has now become a true national symbol.

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