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Michel Martone

From November 29th 2011 to April 28th 2013 he was Deputy Minister for Employment and Social Policies within the Italian Government led by President Mario Monti. He was the youngest member of the Government.  Delegated areas include labour market, social protection, youth employment, vocational training and industrial relations.

Full professor of Industrial Relations and Labour Law.

Nominated “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum in 2013.

Selected among “European Young Leaders” by the Bruxelles based Foundation Friends of Europe.

Selected by the Department of the United States of America to partecipate at the project  “The Role of Public Private-Partnerships in Restructuring Economies” in the International Visitor Leadership Program.


Michel Martone at the International Seminar “Labor and Competitiveness in Brazil and in the World” organized by the Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI)

He represented Italy in the Board of Directors of EuroFound, the Dublin-based European Foundation for the Improvement of living and working conditions.

Barrister of the Rome’s Court of Justice, he is qualified at the defense among Supreme Courts. In 2009 he founded with brother Thomas the Law Firm Martone & Martone.

His articles are published in several national newspaper as “Il Sole 24 Ore”, “’Huffington Post” and “Aspenia”. Previously, he wrote also for “Il Riformista” and “Il Messaggero”.

Michel Martone: giuramento

Martone’s oath as a member of Monti’s Government

With his students he created an association to improve the student’s political participation, Itaka, and a social network, He has a blog

Academic activity

Expert for industrial relations, labour market, welfare, work condition, with specific in-depth knowledge of youth unemployment and other issues related to the youth condition.

He actually is Full Professor of Labor Law and Industrial Relations at National School of Administration of the Italian Government and at the Law Faculty of Teramo University (Italy).

 Michel Martone with some students

He is visiting professor at the Law Faculty of L.U.I.S.S. Guido Carli University in Rome. In this University he also teaches “Management policies and social conflict management” at the School of Government.

Michel Martone with Amartya Sen

Michel Martone whit Amartya Sen

Furthermore, he taught Labour Market Law and History of the trade union movement at the Graduate School of Industrial and Labor Relations and Social Security of “La Sapienza” University, Special work relations at the Master Programme for business consultants at the University Roma III, and Law history within the Master programme in legal sciences at L.U.M.S.A. University.

Michel Martone with Lazlo Andor, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

His second book “Economic governance and trade union action”, published in Trattato di diritto commerciale e diritto pubblico dell’economia directed by Francesco Galgano, vol. XXXIX, Padua, CEDAM, 2006, has been selected among the “Legal Science Books of the year” by the panel of the “Club of Jurists” of Luigi Sturzo Institute, chaired by Prof. Giuliano Crifò.

He is chief editor of the magazine “Argomenti di diritto del lavoro”, member of the editorial board of the magazine “Giurisprudenza Italiana” and member of the scientific committee of “Rivista degli infortuni e delle malattie professionali”.

Social activities

He is former Aspen Fellow at the Aspen Institute Italy, selected to participate at Aspen Seminar for Leaders in the USA.

AMCHAM EU - Michel Martone - Brussels

Michel Martone – AMCHAM EU Single Market conference  (Brussels, 10 October 2012)

He is member of the scientific committee of the Foundation “Bruno Visentini”, for legal and economic research on no profit and profit organizations.

Michel Martone at  the “Public Leadership Impact Journey”  organized by Myanmar Egress (Myanmar, 03-07.06.2013)

He was part in the organizing committee of the association Italia Futura.

Michel Martone whit Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

Government activities

In the framework of government activities, upon delegation of the Minister, he followed up most of parliamentary activities concerning labour market, industrial relations and social security.

More specifically, he followed the legislative process leading to the approval of the pensions reform and of the decrees which progressively led to the preservation of 140.000 s.c. “safeguarded workers”,. He took part in negotiations with social partners and followed the legislative process leading to the approval of the government bill for a reform of the labour market (L. n. 92/2012).

Michel Martone – Meeting to the adoption of the productivity agreement by the social partners

Within his mandate, he then followed the administrative implementation of the pensions reform and of the labour market reform.

He followed negotiations with social partners that led to the “Productivity’s Compact” and the adoption of the related ministerial decree.

In cooperation with the Ministry for Economic Development he was responsible for managing the social safety nets and the complex negotiations regarding several national industrial crises (Sulcis, Alcoa, Fiat, Ilva, Euroalluminia, Micron).

Michel Martone at the EuropaNova and Friends of Europe’s Seminar  (Athens, 13-15.6.2013 )

He also oversaw the adoption of Legislative Decree n. 24 of 2.3.2012, implementing Directive 2008/104/EC on temporary agency work.

He worked on issues relating to the governance and the renewal of several national collective contracts, including for Air Transport and for Local Public Transport, while succeeding in avoiding several national strikes already proclaimed.

Michel Martone with Michail Gorbaciov

Michel Martone with Mikhail Gorbaciov

Previously he was legal advisor and special Consultant to the Minister for Labour and social policies and the Minister for Public Administration and Innovation.

Aspen Institute Martone (Michel)

Michel Martone – Aspen Institute Italia Workshop (Berlin, 28-29 september 2012)

Former secretary of the scientific commission for the drafting of a Workers’ Statute set up within the Cabinet of the Minister for Labour and social policies (by ministerial decree of 4th March 2004).

On behalf of the Labour Minister he drafted the “Codice della partecipazione” (Code of participation), presented by the Government on July 7th 2010.

Former member of the scientific committee for the administrative simplification and the reform of the employment relationship of civil servants set up within the Cabinet of the Minister for Public service (by ministerial decree of September 2006).

Michel Martone at the summer course organized by the Consiglio Nazionale Forense and King’s College “European Company Law: Challenges and Perspectives”

Professional activity

In 2008 he founded with his brother Thomas the law firm Martone & Martone.



Michel Martone with some students


Michel Martone with Romano Prodi

Michel Martone with Romano Prodi



Michel Martone –  “Itaka” students


Michel Martone, Scalfari

Michel Martone with Eugenio Scalfari and Massimo Egidi



CV Michel Martone –

CV Michel Martone – Ministry of Labour 

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